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Mother's Day

Mothers Day Photo Album

Ahead of Mother's Day on Sunday 8th of May, the team at Scout Home + Lifestyle share their Mother's Day traditions as well as some gifting inspiration.



As for my own dearest mum, I like to make her breakfast in bed, and make sure she lies in until at least 10am.   After breakfast in bed, it’s become a bit of a tradition in my family for everyone to join us for High Tea in one of Auckland’s many beautiful botanical gardens where four generations of my family get together for a lovely celebration set to gorgeous scenery.

My mum loves fragrances, so I’ll definitely be gifting her one of George and Edi’s Reed Diffusers.


A sleep in till 10am sounds like a dream, However in our house, the small humans will be fizzing to “surprise” me at 5am with my yearly mug. I absolutely relish the time together snuggling in bed making shadow puppets and laughing together - daddy is only good at making dogs that he thinks look like ducks.

I will definitely be staying in my slippers (currently rocking my cheetah print Kip& Co’s!) till 10am though, as usually we bake waffles together and enjoy them with way more maple syrup than necessary. The kids and I will be baking a cake to deliver to my Mother for afternoon tea. I am taking it easy on myself and using a Lemon, Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cake kit from The Caker.


I will be spending Mother's Day visiting both my Mum and my Mother-In-Law.  My husband and I like to treat them to coffee and cakes, and have a good catch up. 

My Mother-In-Law is a talented gardener and has been collecting pieces from the Robert Gordon Garden To Table collection, so we will be adding to this for her for Mother's Day. 

My Mum has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints to me that she would love some linen loungewear, which is perfect for all seasons.

Kip and Co Slippers for Mother's Day

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