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Kitchen + Table

Where form meets function.  Shop our collection of enduring style staples you will use every day.

Explore Robert Gordon Pottery dinnerware, eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products by Ecoya, linen tea towels, hand-crafted knives, cooking utensils, glassware, and ceramic kitchenware.

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Reusable glass straws
Eco friendly reusable glass drinking straws

Reusable Glass Drinking Straws - Clear

Crystal Coupes
Set of two crystal coupes

Faceted Crystal Coupe | Set of 2

Champagne Flutes
Crystal champagne flutes

Stemmed Champagne Flutes | Set of 2

Gift set of two whiskey tumblers and two ice sphere molds
Tumbler and ice sphere boxed gift set

Glacier Rocks Ice Ball Mold + Tumbler Set

Diamond ice tray
silicone diamond-shaped ice cube tray

Diamond Ice Tray

Dawn Rainforest Glass
Nel Lusso Rainforest Glasses
Nel Lusso

Dawn Rainforest Glass

Striped tea towel with a beach theme
Beach tea towel in a basket
Robert Gordon

Beach House Tea Towel

Set of two tea towels by Robert Gordon
Set of two mismatched tea towels, hanging on a hook
Robert Gordon

The Drifters Tea Towel | Set of 2

Set of four speckled white Hug Me Mugs by Robert Gordon Pottery
Hug Me Mug with speckled white glaze
Robert Gordon

Hug me Mug | Speckled White | Set of 4

Simple Wholefoods by Sophie Steevens
Wholefoods Book
Sophie Steevens

Simple Wholefoods

Forge Brass Cheese Knife
Brass Kitchen Utensils

Forge Cheese Knife

Halo Large Serving Bowl

Halo Serving Bowl (High) | Lichen

Fennel Green Large Serving Bowl
Green Serving Bowl with matching smaller bowl

Halo Serving Bowl (Low) | Fennel


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