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Raw Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite: Luck + Wealth + Success

Green Calcite Raw Boxed Crystal

Green Calcite: renew + balance + vitality

Moonstone Crystal Candle
Mandala Crystal Candle Moonstone

Mandala Crystal Candle | Moonstone

Chalcedony Mandala Candle
Opal + Sage Mandala Crystal Candles

Mandala Crystal Candle | Chalcedony

Citrine Mandala Candle
Opal + Sage Citrine Mandala Candle

Mandala Crystal Candle | Citrine

Amethyst Mandala Candle
Amethyst Crystal Candle

Mandala Crystal Candle | Amethyst

Black Obsidian crystal candle
Black Obsidian Candle

Black Obsidian Candle: protect + cleanse + clarity

Quartz Candle
Quartz Crystal Candle

Clear Quartz Candle: clarity + focus + positivity

Orange Calcite raw crystal

Orange Calcite: uplift + energize + inspire

raw rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz: love + friendship + harmony

Calcite raw crystal

Blue Calcite: calming + creativity + relaxation

Amethyst raw crystal

Amethyst: de-stress + sleep + healing


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