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Pallarès Solsona

The knife industry is a tradition in Solsona that dates back to the sixteenth century. The company Pallarès, founded in 1917, is today the only testimony to Solsona's (Spain) renowned knife-making industry. 

At the beginning of this century, the third generation took over the running of the company. Throughout its history, Cuchillería Pallarès has chosen and still chooses the materials to be used by always seeking out the highest quality, and its main aim has been and still is the quality of the cutting edge, which is why all knives are sharpened by hand.

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Pallares 10cm Carbon Steel Knife
Carbon Steel Knives
Pallarès Solsona

Box Wood 10cm Carbon Steel Knife

Pallares 13cm Kitchen Knife
Pallares Knives Made in Spain
Pallarès Solsona

Box Wood 13cm Carbon Steel Knife

Pallares 16cm Carbon Steel Knife
Pallares Kitchen Knives on magnetic knife rack
Pallarès Solsona

Box Wood 16 cm Carbon Steel Knife

Pallares 22cm Kitchen Knife
Pallares Chefs Knives
Pallarès Solsona

Box Wood 22cm Carbon Steel Knife

Pallares Knife Set
Pallares Kitchen Knife Set
Pallarès Solsona

Knife Set

Pallarès Knife Sharpening Steel
Pallarès Solsona

Knife Sharpening Steel

Magnetic Knife Rack
Pallares Magnetic Knife Rack
Pallarès Solsona

Magnetic Knife Rack


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