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Espresso Bar

Scout Espresso Bar

We are super excited to share with you the opening of our Espresso Bar at our Pukekohe store!

We've teamed up with our friends at Allpress Espresso to bring you fresh roasted specialty coffee - we have selected the Browns Mill Organic roast which has a smooth milk chocolate and citrus profile and we're sure you'll agree that it tastes amazing!

Our Espresso Bar exclusively uses Boring Oat Milk, made in New Zealand with New Zealand oats.  Why do we use oat milk?  First off, it is delicious.  It's also better for you, and better for the planet.  It has a lower climate impact on average than cow milk and by making oat milk the default, we hope to work together with you to reduce the carbon footprint of enjoying the perfect milk-based drink.

We hope to see you in store soon x

Shop Allpress Espresso reusable coffee cups and other goodies here.

Allpress Espresso at Scout Home + Lifestyle

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