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Allpress Chocolate By Bennetts Of Mangawhai | Double Espresso

Allpress have partnered with Bennetts of Mangawhai to prove that amazing things really do happen when they come together. 

Bennetts have been a big fan of Allpress coffee since 2008 and Allpress have been loving their chocolate long before then. The perfect treat to share with a friend, enjoy this amazing combination of delicious coffee and mouth-watering chocolate.
Double Espresso - 60g - 80% cocoa 
This indulgent dark chocolate is spiked with our Allpress Espresso Blend for a rich, bittersweet finish. Enjoy. 

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate [(Min. 80% Cocoa Solids), Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavouring.], Allpress Espresso Blend.

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